2008 Minutes

Minutes of the 2008 Rousseau Association Business Meeting

Rousseau Association Business Meeting
March 28, 2008, 6:00 p.m.
Portland Hilton and Executive Tower
Portland, Oregon

I. Call to Order – President Chris Bertram

II. Discussion of proposal for “Rousseau pour tous” – Geneva, 2012

A. Suggested topics

1.Rousseau and Celebrity
2. Rousseau and Botany
3. Rousseau and Garden History

B. It was agreed that these would be circulated among the membership

III. Discussion of current dues structure

A. Current dues are $30 for regular membership and $15 for reduced membership
B. Dues were last increased in 2001
C. The cost of SVEC volumes has increased significantly since then
D. Patrick Coleman moved and Ourida Mostefai seconded that dues be increased to $40 for regular membership and to $20 for reduced membership.
E. The motion passed.

IV. Pensée Libre

A. Discussion of what to do with back copies
B. It was decided to send an email to the membership asking if their libraries would like to receive a complete set of the series
C. The question of digitizing the series was raised and is to be referred to Zev Trachtenberg

V. Web site

A. Michael O’Dea has offered to have the web site moved to Lyon
B. It was agreed to accept Michael’s offer and to pursue making the site bi-lingual
C. Zev will be asked to contact Michael about the move

VI. Future Items

A. The next biennial meeting of the Association will be held at UCLA in 2009, on the theme of Rousseau and his Legacies/ Rousseau et ses fortunes
B. The 2011 biennial meeting of the Association will be held in Bristol
C. There was a discussion about the possibility of co-sponsoring an event with another institution in 2012

VII. Publication report

A. The 2003 volume is to appear later this year with Rodopi
B. The 2005 volume has just appeared in SVEC
C. Michael O’Dea is working editing the 2007 volume

VIII. Adjournment

VIII. Addendum

No Treasurer’s report was provided at the meeting, but Sally Campbell has subsequently reported that the current membership is around 75. Our current bank balance (after payment to the Voltaire Foundation for the most recent SVEC volume) is $9,460.81.