Sites Devoted to Rousseau

Bibliothèque nationale de France BnF Essentiels. For everyone / pour tous. BnF Essentiels is an excellent guide in French to Rousseau’s writings and to available material on the Web and elsewhere.

Bibliothèque nationale de France Data. For reserarch / pour la recherche.This superb site gives full details of all the BnF’s holdings of works by Rousseau, 2688 works that he was wholly or partly responsible for.

Société Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Genève)

Association Jean-Jacques Rousseau Neuchâtel

Tanguy L’Aminot’s “Rousseau Studies”

Maison de Rousseau et de la littérature
The house Rousseau was born in, 40 Grand’Rue, Geneva, is now the first “house of letters” to be set up in French-speaking Switzerland. The website includes details of the Espace Rousseau.
Update 2019/2020: the MRL is closed for renovations and cannot be visited. The cultural program continue as usual in other Geneva venues.

Societies Devoted to 18th Century Studies

International Society for Eighteenth Century Studies

American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies

Société française d’étude du dix-huitième siècle

British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

Societies Devoted to Rousseau’s Contemporaries

Société d’études voltairiennes

Société Voltaire

Société Diderot

Société Montesquieu

International Adam Smith Society

Hume Society

Voltaire Foundation

Libraries and Museums

Espace Rousseau, Bibliothèque publique et universitaire, Neuchâtel, Suisse. Réouverture printemps 2014.

BGE, Bibliothèque de Genève: at this address, a detailed list of the Rousseau manuscript holdings of the Bibliothèque de Genève. Includes both manuscripts that are the property of the library and those deposited by the Société JJR, Geneva.
A cette adresse, liste détaillée des manuscrits de Rousseau conservés à la bibliothèque (propriété de le bibliothèque pour certains, pour d’autres, propriété de la Société JJR, Genève).

Musée et Bibliothèque Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Montmorency, France.

Institut et Musée Voltaire, Geneva.

Botany / Botanique

Pages from the herbiers in the Lyon Botanical Garden, (herbier de Claret de la Tourrette) can be seen in this diaporama presented by the Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon.
(Rousseau botanized with the noted Lyon botanist Claret de la Tourrette (1729-1793). They exchanged samples, some of which have been identified in the Lyon herbarium).

As a bonus, by kind permission of the Lyon Botanical Garden (M. Frédéric Danet), we can present here a sheet from the Herbier de Claret de la Tourrette that is exclusive to the Rousseau Association website.This sheet was located and authenticated by Prof. Alexandra Cook (Hong Kong University) in 2008. Here is a commentary on the sheet provided by M. Danet:

Rousseau and Claret de la Tourrette corresponded togetherand exchanged plant samples.Some of these plants, including this one, are now in the collections of the Lyon Botanic Garden. Rousseau’s fine hand is easy to distinguish from the annotations added later by Claret de la Tourrette.It was Rousseau who wrote the species name “Gentiana acaulis” on the label, while the details of place, date and donor’s name are in Claret de la Tourrette’s writing, as is “ex alpibus delphinatus”, meaning from the Dauphiné Alps, where Rousseau botanized in 1768. In 1777, Rousseau was living in Paris, so the date on the label must refer to the gift of the gentian, which would have been collected some ten years earlier.