2005 Minutes

Minutes of the 2005 Rousseau Association Business Meeting

Rousseau Association Colloquium, Hamilton College, June 12, 2005

The meeting, held during the 2005 biennial colloquium of the Rousseau Association at Hamilton College was attended by all of the officers of the Association and approximately twenty-five other members.

The minutes of the 2004 Business Meeting were approved.

Laurence Cooper submitted the Secretary-Treasurer’s report. As of June 7, 2005, the Association’s assets totaled $5,129. Membership numbers were approximately the same as the previous year.

Ourida Mostefai presented the Publications Director report. She was pleased to report the publication in August 2004 of Musique et langage chez Rousseau by the Voltaire Foundation in their SVEC series (SVEC 2004:8). This volume was edited by Claude Dauphin and based on the 2001 Rousseau Association colloquium in Montréal. She also announced that the volume based on the 2004 Rousseau Association colloquium in Oxford was reviewed by SVEC, with the editors requesting revisions before final consideration for publication, and reported that the editors of the volume, Ourida Mostefai and John T. Scott, are currently working with the contributors to make those revisions.

John T. Scott presented the President’s report. He announced that the Rousseau Association had been officially reincorporated in the United States, for the reasons explained at the previous colloquium and in a previous Bulletin.

Finally, a proposal by Michael O’Dea of the LIRE XVIIIème research group at the Université de Lyon II to hold the 2007 colloquium in Lyon was discussed and approved. The proposed subject of the colloquium is “Rousseau et les philosophes.”

After these report, the election of officers took place. The results were as follows:

President: Byron Wells (Wake Forest University) Vice President: Christopher Bertram (University of Bristol) Secretary-Treasurer: Sally Campbell (Concord College) Publications Director: John T. Scott (University of California, Davis) Electronic Publications Director: Zev Trachtenberg (University of Oklahoma)

Following the election, the newly minted Electronic Publications Director, Zev Trachtenberg, dramatically unveiled the new Rousseau Association website and pleaded piteously for membership assistance in maintaining and updating our electronic portal to the world.